We’re front line …more than ever!

This morning, April 9, Dr. Gfeller explained that the MUHC receives patients from other hospitals and that all of our Corona virus beds are likely to be used, so our occupational health and safety becomes our main concern.

The executive is working very hard to protect your health and safety at work.  Every day we have a conference calls with MUHC Management and we have been able to make a number of changes regarding your health and safety.  Containment keeps us away from you, but we are there and very active at protecting you.

When we were not satisfied with the MUHC’s response we did not hesitate to contact PUBLIC HEALTH, or write directly to Dr. Arruda and Premier Legault.

We need every member to help us in this battle.  To help us protect you, you must inform us:

1 – Of any occupational health and safety problems

2- Lack of personal protective equipment

3- Failure to respect the social distance (2m) in the workplace

4- A lack of hygiene products

5- Anyone who wants to impose unsafe practices

If you are missing protective equipment or if you witness safety procedures that are deficient or not being followed you must absolutely fill out an INCIDENT REPORT form. You can get an INCIDENT REPORT form at the union office or from your manager.

1.        Complete the INCIDENT REPORT form.

2.        Bring your completed INCIDENT REPORT to your site delegates.

3.        Your delegates will deposit it after making a copy

Circulate this information to your co-workers and encourage them to log on to our website for the latest news.

Web page in English: https://www.secusm.org/en/

Web page in French: https://www.secusm.org

 To contact your site delegates

Glen site BS02 1102 : Natale, 39305 — Guillermo 36485 — Monique 3930 —- Dereck 35311

Site MGH BS2.161 : Chris 42117 — Oliver 42116 — Vince 45488 — Indra 45771

Lachine Site 0G16 : Martin 77037 — Mathieu 77035

Satellites site: executive office — Shiaman (514) 439-8540

Keep safe!

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